We approve and inspect over 2500 residential projects every year

Devcert made the commitment to a fully electronic process approximately two years ago. Many of our regular clients now lodge new applications online; they no longer fill out any IDAS forms, instead they fill out a simple online form and submit all documents electronically.

All project documents are thoroughly checked for completeness by our Admin Team who also lodge necessary applications like plumbing, driveway and water meter connections to the relevant Local Government.

Information Requests are sent electronically if further information is required.

Once all information is complete and a town planning assessment has been completed a certifier is able to assess the application. Following a peer review of the application our software systems automate the process of issuing the building permit. All IDAS forms are automatically generated and lodged to the local government, applicant and property owner in one single step!

Inspections are usually booked by our clients by making contact with our Admin Team by phone or email. We are usually able to carry out an inspection within 24 hours notice and many times even on the same day!

On completion of the final inspection all documents are collated and lodged electronically to the local government and the property owner.