We are now fully-accredited under Townsville City Council’s Plan Right initiative

Development Certification is excited to announce we have been successful in full accreditation under Townsville City Council’s Plan Right initiative.  Devcert is now accredited in the following types of Plan Right Development Applications

  • Detached House (Code Assessment) triggered by Overlays within Residential Precincts or Planning Areas;
  • Dual Occupancy (Code Assessment) within Residential Precincts or Planning Areas;
  • Industrial Use (Code Assessment) within Industrial Precincts or Sub-Areas;
  • Re-use of Commercial Premises within Centre Precincts or Sub-Areas;
  • Telecommunication Facility (Code Assessment); and
  • Reconfiguring a Lot – 1 to 2 lots (Code Assessment).

As you may already know Plan Right is an accelerated assessment initiative developed by Townsville City Council to provide a simple and fast way to progress what they consider low risk Material Change of Use (MCU) applications.

Pros of Plan Right

  • Reduced assessment time with Council with approximate 5 business day turnaround;
  • Reduced Council fee (starting from $224 for Houses in Overlays);
  • Confidence in development’s success if proposal meets the Plan Right application criteria;
  • Providing all information and referral agency responses upfront avoids potential delays in the assessment time-frame.

To determine if your proposed development can be considered a Plan Right Application please contact our Planning Consultants on 1300 338 237.