We are able to provide expert advice on Building Compliance to enable cost-effective decision making

Building legislation is normally not retrospective and as such a lawfully constructed building only has to comply with the building legislation under which it was constructed. There is no trigger for a lawfully constructed building to be upgraded to comply with the current requirements of the Building Code of Australia unless substantial building works is carried out on the building.

Building legislation compliance audits can be based on current or previous legislation as necessary to suit the client’s needs.  Building legislation audits are normally commissioned to establish the extent of the buildings compliance with current legislation and detail the extent of works necessary to achieve current compliance.

Compliance Parameters
Our building legislation compliance audits use the following parameters for the basis of the audit and any additional parameters to ensure that the audit is tailored to suit our client’s specific needs.

The Building Act 1975;

  1. Building Code of Australia
  2. Queensland Development Code
  3. Local Laws or Resolutions
  4. Local Planning Instruments
  5. Fire Safety Standard
  6. Fire Safety Stand (RCB)

Disability Discrimination Act 1992

  1. Disability (Access to Premises – Buildings) Standard 2010