Alignment of our business processes and software systems has transformed our business

At Devcert we have spent many years refining our internal processes and developing smart software that has transformed our business in recent years.

We now operate an electronic office, the compactus and filing cabinets have gone and all paper files have been replaced by arrays of digital storage.

We do still receive paper, however it is scanned immediately.

In the background our servers at each office constantly sync with each other and maintain an identical file and database system locally at every office and in the cloud. This allows us to carry out a building assessment on a new office block in Milton, Brisbane at our Townsville office within minutes of receiving the application.

Our certifiers perform inspections using an electronic checklist and perusing plans on their IPads. No longer limited by carrying paper files to site, they are able to lookup plans for any project we have ever certified instantly in the cloud.

Continuous improvement is a daily activity at Devcert, and we are currently working on the next generation of cloud based software systems to enable access to internal and external audiences via the desktop, mobile and tablet devices.